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TokyoHot Movie Info: First Slave Experience Shiori Matsushita is a slender lady who Neat and clean. She never has cum insert to her vaginal also never insert cock that without condom as well. Tokyo-Hot have robbed important anniversary that have first time sex without condom and cum insert for woman. At first time Shiori was nervous and cannot take her clothes off. But when guys inserted his cock to her vaginal she had excited and agony. She has had acme and incontinence by electric massage machine. Dirty guys have fuck with her and cum inserted to her many times. Her pussy which has only few experience has broken. Please see all the details that girl that continued to be trained will be Nasty. Guys said that take clothes off all of them to show naked body at Courtyard of studio to Shiori. She is in nervous and she became frightened that someone will see. She takes long time to take her clothes off and she covered her nipples and under hair by her hands. Then guys ordered do masturbation to her and she has started. Shegive a finger fuck to clitorises by herself with feel shame. Then guy who has huge cock comes up to her for blow job. Guy has pushed his cock to her mouth as deep. She give blow job to his cock as deep throat with coughing. She cannot breeze but guy doesnft matter her to push his cock into her mouth deep. Then he inserted his cock to her vaginal by back side position. She was surprised that he inserted his cock without condom. He taking hard stroking by back side position and side position. And he taking her as missionary posture and bent over position also. Then he has cum inserted to her vaginal by back side position. His semen has come out from her vaginal. May be her vaginal has broken down bat guys doesnft matter with her. After that guys bring Shiori to inside room and taking open legs pose on the sofa. They want to check her vaginal and insert Cusco to her vaginal to see inside. At the inside of her vaginal is quite beautiful and getting wet by vaginal juice. Her vaginal has been to sensitive. Then another 4 guys come into the room for fuck with her. They push rotor and electric massage machine to her pussy. After that they insert vibrator to her vaginal as deep and she has cum. Then they give vibration to her clitoris by electric massage machine. She has had incontinence. Then guys taking a drill that vibrator has on top to insert to her vaginal. Her little pussy has lose. Then she ride on his face and she give a hand job and blow job to three guys cock. Finally she said that need insert cock to her vagina by herself. Then guys inserted his cock to her vaginal by standing back side position cow girl position back side cow girl position and back side position with hard stroking. And they cum insered to her vaginal as one after another. But still not finish yet. She has to clean up dirty cock by her blow job. And another more guys come up to her and started to touch and lick her body. After that guys hold up her legs for open leg pose. Then they cum insert to her vaginal as on after another total 9 times. After that they push her into garbage bag and left it. After that she makes clam to Kimura who is scout Man. But he doesnft listen of her and he taking video that fuck with her. After that Kimura training her for can be use her anal for fuck. If you see a woman who wearing collar and walk around by all on four That is Shiori. n0900 Matsushita Shiori Shiori Matsushita New Original Movie Creampie masterbation Gangbang Toys speculum irrumatio(irrumation) Cleaning fellatio Vibration Machine Outdoors speaking erotic word Facesitting girl Electric drill Bukkomi Licking women anal packing play first creampie Casual Wear 中乳 Dカップ スレンダー セミロング 普通 清楚系 神奈川県 アニメ、ライブ バドミントン
Models:Shiori Matsushita Categories:Bukkake Gang bang Toys Oral masterbation Creampie Kotobazeme Anal Fetish Series:New Original Movie Studio:Tokyo-Hot Release Date:2013/11/08 Duration:01:53:02 Product ID: n0900
Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 中出しはおろか生のチンポを挿入するのも全く初めて!清楚で初心なスレンダーお嬢様・松下栞が無残にも転落。女子にとって大切で記念すべき生セックス&初中出しを全部東熱に奪われました!緊張で表情が強張り最初は服も脱げなかった栞ですが初めての生チンポを深々と突き刺され悶絶。電マ責めで失禁しながらアクメ!キモい男達に連続膣内射精された挙句逆流ザーメン垂れ流しの痴態晒し!経験少なめ純情マンコがボロボロに。調教され続けた美少女が真性ドエロに開花する一部始終をご覧下さい。   スタジオ内の中庭。屋外で周りの建物から丸見えの場所で栞は裸を見せろと言われてモジモジ。緊張しているのに加えて誰かに見られる可能性もある。相当な時間をかけて全裸になり意を決して乳首と陰毛を晒す。続いてオナニーを指示され躊躇しながらも開始。クリを指でゆっくりと刺激するも恥ずかしさから本気になれず。直後スケベな気分を高めるためにと用意されたデカチン男優のチンポを見て絶句。こんなデカチンと初の生セックスとは哀れ。   そしてフェラへ。無理矢理根元まで捩じ込まれる。表情は強張り顔が変形する程の強烈なイラマチオを連発されゲホゲホ咳き込み。呼吸が出来ないところまで追い込まれるも何度も喉の奥まで押し込まれる。そして立ちバックで生チンポがズブリ。突然の初生ハメに戸惑うも容赦無し。片脚を持ち上げられ激しくピストン。バック。側位。力任せのピストンで華奢な身体が折れそう。正常位。屈曲位。結合部分から垂れる一筋のマン汁が卑猥!そして立ちバックで生中出し!直後赤みを帯びたザーメンが逆流。激しいピストンでもう膣内が壊れたか。しかし東熱は容赦しない。   直後栞は屋内に移動させられソファーの上で開脚ポーズ。膣内が傷付いたかどうか確認するとの理由で無理矢理クスコを放り込まれる。綺麗な子宮口。内部はマン汁でヌルヌル。マンコがすっかり敏感になってしまった模様。続いて男達4人に突然襲い掛かられる。全裸に引ん剥かれてローター&電マ責め。膣内にローターを押し込まれ同時にクリに電マを押し当てられ感じまくり。直後電マ責めされながらバイブを深々と捩じ込まれ悶絶。大声を上げて善がりイカされてしまう。垂れたマン汁でアナルまでビッショリ!直後クリを電マ刺激され失禁!肛門と膣口がヒクヒクする光景の卑猥さは桁外れ。失禁尿まみれのマンコをクンニされた後バイブ装着電気ドリルで膣内強制撹拌!小ぶりマンコがすっかり拡がってしまう。   続いて男の顔面に跨り顔騎しながら3本を手コキ&おしゃぶり。遂に自分から生カンを懇願。立ちバックで捩じ込まれる。騎乗位。背面騎乗位。バック。何度も掻き回された後女性上位で生中出しされる。直に2本目を挿入され正常位で強制ザーメン注入。続く3本目、4本目、5本目と正常位で立て続けに生中出しを繰り返される。中出し経験皆無だった美少女のマンコが鬼畜ザーメンでタプタプ。しかしまだ終わらない。   お掃除フェラまでもさせられた後大勢のキモい男達に取り囲まれ全身を触られ舐められまくる。直後両脚を抱え上げられ開脚ポーズ。そして次々とチンポを放り込まれ膣内射精を強行される。合計9発でマンコグチャグチャ。もう用済みとポリ袋の中に押し込まれ放置される。事後現れたスカウトマン・木村に栞は話が違うとクレーム連発。しかし全く話を聞いてもらえないばかりか木村の趣味ハメ撮りの獲物に。非情だ。   この後栞は木村にアナルまで掘られ奴隷化される運命。首輪をはめられた状態で木村に連れられ四つん這いで這う物体を街で見かけたらそれが栞だ。 ナマで突っ込まれるのも初めてなら精液が膣道を満たすのももちろん初めて。ああ何たることよwww
プレイ内容: ブッカケ 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ オナニー 中出し 言葉責め アナル フェチ タグ: 中出し オナニー 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め クスコ膣内見せ イラマチオ お掃除フェラ 電気アンマ 野外 淫語 顔面騎乗 電気ドリル 汁男優連続膣内射精 女のアナルを舐める 廃棄・梱包プレイ 人生初中出し シリーズ : New Original Movie レーベル: Tokyo-Hot

Date: November 3, 2020
Pornstars: Shiori Matsushita
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

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